Pretty fabric Christmas cards – free printable and tutorial
Gift beautiful handmade Christmas cards this year with this unique tutorial ! I used a sewing machine for a neat finish but you can also use only glue for the assembly. 
You will need: 
  • stiff cardstock and enveloppes you like 
  • scraps of Christmas fabric 
  • red ribbon (or a color matching your fabric), measuring 10mm wide 
  • small fabric bows or any other embellishments you have around 
  • matching sewing thread or glue 
  • pinking shears 
    1. Print  this template on cardstock. Select option “actual size”  and “lanscape” paper orientation. 
    2. Cut off the grey part, to get a card measuring 5″ x 7″ (A7). 
    3. Fold across center and put aside for the moment 
    4. My fabric was pretty lightweight, so I interfaced the pieces with fusible interfacing. 
    5. Then cut a rectangle measuring 6,5 x 15,5 cm (2¼ x 6 in). 
    6. Sew or glue ribbon in place, with a seam along center. Add the bow. 
    7. Cut all around with pinking shears. 
    Now you only need to place the fabric present on the card. Once again, you may either sew it or glue it in place. If sewing it, sew all around, approximately 5 mm in from edge. 
    Voilà!  I hope you’ll find yourselves inspired to add your Season’s greeting for all of your family and friends.  As for me, I wish you a very creative Holiday season ! 
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