Fun Chrismas ornaments for sewists
Who doesn’t like to play with sewing thread spools and bobbins ? After buttons, that’s one of the most popular items of a sewing studio I would say. So I thought about using them to add a surprising touch to my Christmas tree. To make those ornaments, I used a wide ribbon but you could also use remnants of fabric :  that would also make it easier to obtain exactly the right width needed for your spools and bobbins.
You will need:
  • sewing thread spools (wood or plastic)
  • rustic cord (I used linen cord)
  • ribbon of desired width (or remnants of fabric)
  • hot glue
The steps:
  1. Cut a length of approximately 26 cm of cord
  2. Cut a length of ribbon measuring approx 1 ½ times the diameter of your spool (for example I used 10 cm (4 inches) of ribbon for a diameter of spool of 6 cm)
  3. Glue the cord to the bobbin, in a place which will be hidden by ribbon
  4. Glue one end of ribbon just before the cord
  5. Wrap the ribbon around and glue the other end in place, making sure the ribbon is snug around spool.
Voilà!  That’s one super easy Christmas crafting project and yet so cute, don’t you think?