Fun with jeans and bleach - create your own fabric
Here is a fun way to customize your creations or jeans clothes.  When using the right tools, you can realise achieve amazing results ! 
But beware when you use the bleach to take some precautions: wear gloves, protect your work space and try to avoid splashing your clothes or your skin. 
Basically, the goal is to apply bleach on jeans fabric, then let it sit for a whole night so that the motif becomes white, or nearly white. 
In practise, you’ll need to make several tests to get satisfactory results. I would advise to get some practise on fabric scraps before getting started on your final project. 
Use a paint brush or paint roller to make perfect straight lines. 
Or why not freestyle it ? 
But my favorite technique is definitively the rubber stamp, to achieve pretty results quite easily. 
The possibilities are endless, depending on rubber stamps you have available at home or online. 
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