Making Shipping Envelopes with Recycled Cardboard
Sometimes, fragile items have to be shipped in sturdy cardboard envelopes that keep contents flat inside. I encourage you to make these envelopes yourself, using reclaimed cardboard.
This is as easy as 1-2-3… Cereal boxes are perfect for this project! All you need to do is cut them as indicated below: 
First, determine the size of envelope you need. Then, trace a rectangle at the right size on a cereal box, drawing at the bottom of the rectangle a slightly shorter and narrower rectangle, as shown. Next, draw a flap at the top of the main rectangle (or start your main rectangle at the bottom of the top flap, like I did). Draw two more flaps for the sides, and there you go! 
The only things left to do are to cut along the lines, fold everything the right way and check if the end product is adequate. 
It might take you a few tries to get it right… But once your envelope is the way you want it, I suggest reproducing it on paper to keep a template, if you need to ship more items with this size of envelope. 
It would be best to fasten the sides of the envelope with self-adhesive paper (I will tell you all about this product after I try it, because I still have to use up all the “plastic tape” I have on hand). Would you like to make gift boxes or shipping boxes? See my other eco-friendly tutorial at this address:


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