Super easy fabric flowers – DIY tutorial
The easiest way to make flowers with fabric! You’ll just need to find non-fraying fabric such as cotton knits or any other stretchy fabric. This will be an ideal project to use up odds and ends of fabric. You will need:
  • Fabric scraps.
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Buttons (here’s the time to use your vintage or mismatched buttons)
Start with cutting the flowers. You can use the templates I created: download the document HERE.
Note: depending on the size of flowers you want, change the size of the document when printing.
You’ll need a total of six layers: once the smallest flower, twice the small flower, once the middle-sized flower, and twice the largest flower.
Place the flowers on top of each other, with the smaller one on top.
I like to sew a few stitches back and forth through all layers to join them. Or you could hand-stitch them.
Now all you need is a pretty button. Voilà! 
I hope you’ll like those. Feel free to share your fantastic ideas using those flowers, and send pictures of your projects. 
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