DIY zipper earrings
I had great fun making earrings with zipper pulls. For a unique and original look, or for sewing enthusiasts, those earrings are sure to please ! 
You could make them with long zipper pulls… 
Or large zipper pulls… 
Simply thrift some used zipper heads from broken zippers, or simply purchase zipper pulls in bulk online.  If you can’t find what you need, maybe you can buy two zippers if you like their zipper pulls. 
Then you only need to glue stainless steel earring posts for earrings. 
I also made another version with  stainless steel earring hooks. Those drop earrings require that you can insert a jumpring. It may be a little fiddly, but it will be worth the effort ! 
Voilà!  I hope those ideas will inspire you to create beautiful and totally one of a kind jewelry. 
Feel free to send me photos of your earrings! 
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