Make mini hats Christmas ornaments

I love to make those ornaments. They are just perfect for the holiday season, for your Christmas tree or simply to celebrate winter. They are so easy to make, don’t require any expensive materials and are just too cute ! My daughter and I had hours of fun with this project. 

You will need:
– scissors, a ruler and a piece of cardboard, toilet paper rolls.
– yarn, not too bulky, light and lofty (perfect project to use up your odds and ends). I used « red heart super saver » (col: 0390 Bright red) for red and leftovers for the other colors.  

Start by cutting strips of the toilet paper rolls,  18mm (3/4 inch) wide each. You will use one piece for each hat, and will get 5 rings/hats per toilet paper roll.

Then I suggest you make a cardboard template measuring approx 29 cm x 15.5 cm (11½ x 6 inches).  Wrap the yarn around it, and cut one end to obtain lengths of 31 cm (12 inches)
Make slip knots around one of the toilet paper ring, and pull tight.
Continue until you have covered the entire surface of the cardboard.
Pull all the yarn through the hole to create the edge of hat.
Use more more piece to tie a knot and pull tight for top of hat. This also shapes the pompom at the same time.
Trim the pompom so it’s nice and round.
Voilà!  Now you can make them in every color! Such a great project to make with kids during winter holidays.

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