Make a pompom with recycled fur
They are everywhere, yet those pompoms made with recycled fur are super easy to make ! You may need several tries before you find the perfect fur length, but it’s so much fun ! Then you can use them for your knits, hair accessories...

You will need:
• Fur (from an old hat, collar of a coat, etc)
• Needle and sewing thread
• A precision knife (X-Acto) or sharp scissors

First, you need to rip the seams from your item to access the leather part of the fur. Then draw a circle of desired size on back side of fur. For instance, with this fur with very long hair I made a circle measuring 5 cm (2 in) across.
Cut with knife (or scissors, making sure you don’t cut the hair).

Sew all around the leather in running stitch, pull both ends to bunch it up. If you made a very large pompom, you may stuff the inside with polyfill.

Voilà! I’ll keep some ends of fur for an upcoming jewelry tutorial. See you very soon !
In the meantime, here are some ideas to use your fur pompom:
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