Make a necklace with vintage or thrifted buttons
I love buttons, and have thus decided to create pretty necklaces with them! I found a method which really works well, is sturdy and comfortable. Here I’ll share it with you so you can also create your own pretty button necklaces!
For this project you will need :
First step will be the selection of colors and size of buttons. I like to mix vivid tones with more neutral tones. Next, lay all the buttons on a table so as to visualize the final outcome. 
Cut a length of cord 5 times longer than desired final length of necklace. I really like this bamboo cord as it is very soft yet thick enough to be quite visible. Fold the cord in two, and tie a beginning knot. Thread a needle at each end of the cord. 
Making sure you keep both ends apart on the table, thread your first needle through the first button from bottom to top then from top to bottom, pull cord to push button close to initial knot. Place cord back on table.
Use second needle to thread cord from top to bottom of the same button, then from bottom to top, through the same holes. Pull on cord to even it out and make sure button sits where it should be. 
Next, tie a very loose knot with both cords, still keeping the needles on. One magical trick to achieve pretty knot sitting really close to the buttons: thread one needle though the hole of the knot, and in the space between both strands near the button. 
Pull the cord, keeping the needle close to the button. The knot should position itself right by the button thanks to the needle. Now you can simply remove the needle and tighten the knot. 
Now you can go on and thread all the other buttons likewise! 
Once you’ve placed all the buttons, you can simply attach the finishing attachments of your choice. Or you can simply tie a knot if the necklace is long enough to go over your head. 
I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun making beautiful button necklaces with your stash of buttons.
It’s also a great idea for a crafty afternoon with kids. You could then also use a more rustic looking cord, such as hemp: 
Or add pretty decorative beads in between the buttons 
Please feel free to share your pictures of the necklaces you’ll make. And have a great crafty week! 
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