How to make a coin necklace

Coin pendant necklaces are unique pieces of jewelry that incorporate a coin into their design. The best designs are those that are handmade and hold sentimental value to the wearer. 

Creating handmade coin jewelry means you can create something truly special for the wearer and give a unique and treasured gift. Choosing the birth year coin is an even more personalized gift. 

Coin pendants can be made using any size and denomination of coins, and are typically mounted on a pendant or bezel that then hangs from a chain. 

In this article, you will learn more about why you should create your coin pendant necklace and how to make your own.

Why make a coin pendant necklace?

Creating your coin pendant necklace is a great way to recycle and repurpose old and unused coins. Coins have a long history of bringing good luck. Coins are the obvious symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is told that coins with holes are especially auspicious. 

Have you ever looked at old coins that aren’t in circulation anymore? Some of them are stunning and deserve a new lease on life.

Making coin pendant necklaces is also a great way to make personalized jewelry for you and your friends that reflects your interests, hobbies, or cultural heritage. It is the perfect way to keep your favorite coins! 

Finally, coin pendant necklaces can add eye-catching detail to a variety of outfits. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just looking for a way to add a bit of bling to your everyday wear, a coin pendant necklace can be a stylish addition to your jewelry collection. You could also create a luxurious version with precious metal coins (sterling silver, gold coins, etc).

How to make a coin pendant necklace

Making a coin pendant necklace is an easy fun craft activity, you only need a few tools to get started and your necklace can be completed in a few simple steps.

You will need:

Steps to make a coin pendant necklace

1.   Choose your coin

The first step when making your coin pendant necklace is to choose the perfect coin. Choose a coin that has sentimental value, represents something special about your heritage, or that as an interesting design. Think about the size of the coin you choose as this will determine the finished size of your necklace.

2.   Select your pendant or bezel

Once you have selected your coin, you will need to find a pendant or bezel that comfortably fits your coin.

●    A pendant is a metal frame that surrounds the coin and sometimes includes a bail (a loop at the top for attaching a chain).

●    A bezel is a shallow metal cup that the coin is fixed into and then attached to a chain using a bail. 

Both these types of fittings come in various sizes, shapes, and colors meaning you can select one that complements your personal taste.

Find pendants and bezels HERE.

3.   Attach the jump ring

Now you have your coin and fittings selected, it's time to attach a jump ring.

●    A jump ring is a small metal ring with a split in it that can be opened and closed using jewelry pliers. 

Use the jump ring to attach the pendant or bezel to your chain using jewelry pliers to gently open the split in the ring. Then thread the open ring through the bail on the pendant or bezel, and then use the pliers to close the split in the ring.

4.   (Optional step) Drill a Hole

Some pendants or bezels don't come with a hole already drilled for adding the jump ring. You can easily drill a small hole in your fitting using a small drill bit (such as a 1/16" bit) carefully drill a hole.

And if you don't find the right size of settings?

You can glue it on a bail:

Other variations of coin pendant necklaces

The process for creating your coin pendant necklace is quite simple but some variations can make your necklace even more interesting and unique. All your friends will be asking you to make them one.

1.     Layered Coin Necklace

Create a layered coin necklace by attaching multiple coins to a single chain. You can use coins of different sizes, shapes, and colors to create a visually interesting and textured piece.

To make a layered coin necklace, follow the steps above for each coin and then use a jump ring to attach each pendant or bezel to the chain separately. You can either have them hanging on top of each other or space them out along the chain.

2.     Wire-Wrapped Coin Pendant

Create a wire-wrapped coin pendant by selecting a coin that is on the smaller side.

Start by wrapping a thin gauge wire around the edge of the coin, creating a loop at the top for attaching a jump ring. Then, use a thicker wire to create a decorative wrapping around the coin, twisting and bending the wire to create a unique design.

3.     Beaded Coin Pendant Necklace

For a more colorful and playful look, you can incorporate beads into your coin pendant necklace. Glass beads are perfect to help create an eye-catching design.

To make a beaded coin pendant necklace, use jewelry wire to attach the beads to the pendant or bezel, creating a border around the coin.

4.     Stamped Coin Pendant Necklace

To create a completely personalized coin pendant necklace, you can stamp a message or design onto your coin before assembly by using a metal stamp and hammer to create the design. 

There are many fun and interesting ways to create a coin pendant necklace and it can be a rewarding craft project that helps you to express your creativity and personal style. 

By following the steps above for creating your beautiful necklace, you can create a basic coin pendant necklace or express your creativity further by adding some variations to your coin pendant before it is complete. 

Whether you choose to use a coin with sentimental value or simply a stunning, intricate old-style coin, creating your coin pendant necklace can be a unique and eye-catching addition to your jewelry collection or for the perfect gift.

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