Easy jewelry storage and display ideas – DIY tutorial
Here are two ideas to store and arrange your earrings. I made those for my store and the customers loved them. So here are the details to make the same for yourself !
The first one is so simple, you’ll just need a wooden embroidery hoop.Cut a piece of your favorite fabric, so that the fabric is much larger than the embroidery hoop. Insert the fabric in between both rings and tighten the screw so that the fabric isn’t puckered or loose. 
Now all you have to do is to cut the excess of fabric along the edges of the hoop. Hang it onto your wall with a nail. And hang all your favorite earrings or jewels ! 
The second idea is also pretty neat. You’ll simply need a bamboo mattress such as the ones you bring to the beach. Sew a seam through both layers of the mattress to make room to insert a dowel.
Use door hooks to attach dowel. Put everything together and Voilà ! 
Now you’ll never run out of space to display and organize your jewelry !
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