Ecodrive Carbon Emissions Offset

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Plant a tree and help offset your order emissions. Each tree makes a direct impact on our planet.

Ecodrive plant mangroves, which are one of the highest carbon-absorbing trees in the world, making them most effective for our climate!

Each tree planted helps to reduce nearly 680 pounds of harmful carbon emissions from the atmosphere, which is well over the CO2 generated from standard e-commerce shipments. 

The trees that we plant serve many benefits outside of reducing carbon footprints. They also help to alleviate poverty in the areas they are planted because we are hiring local villagers to plant and maintain them! With Ecodrive, you are creating a positive impact for our planet, and those that live on it!

The Trees

  • All trees are mangroves in Madagascar, which is one of the highest carbon-absorbing trees.
  • The trees help to alleviate poverty in the regions of Madagascar in which they are planted. We have designated plots of land in Madagascar where your tree will be planted within 30-45 days of purchase.
  • The trees aid in environmental restoration by reforesting habitats for indigenous wildlife.
  • Trees are planted on a monthly basis.
  • The land all trees are planted on is protected.

Bonjour Handmade results on December 2021

  • Trees planted with customers: 60
  • Total pounds of CO2 removed: 40 800 pounds of CO2