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Rainbow Knitting Phone Case - Free shipping USA and Canada
Rainbow Knitting Phone Case - Free shipping USA and Canada

Rainbow Knitting Phone Case

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Knitting addicted phone case. Your love of knitting on the go. Our lovely printed cases decorate your phone and help protect your device.

Everyone loves smartphones. And everyone needs a phone case... So, why not an awesome one?! Try our knitting rainbow case, perfect for a gift for someone who loves to knit!

Lexan plastic case with embedded print, UV and scratch resistant finish, our slimfit cases won't add bulk to your device. Our barely-there cases provide added protection against any hits your device my take, and look great doing it.

Turn around time for products: 2-4 days.

Hard poly-carbon case:
Made from the same plastic used for motorcycle helmets. Pair with a screen protector for to help keep your screen looking new

SlimFit case:
Helps protect your device without added bulk

Fade, UV and scratch resistant:
All-over embedded print fade, UV and scratch resistant

Printed in Canada. Shipped from Canada.
The print may vary slightly depending on the type of device selected.

Care instruction: Your case is easy to care for. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Let dry before putting it back on your decive.

How to remove the case from your device:

Slimfit cases are like a second skin for your phone. They snap into place easily but the thight fit can make them a bit tricky to get off your device! We've found this way works best:

1. Find a smooth soft surface like a towel or sweatshirt (nothing that would scratch a screen)
2. Place your phone face down on the surface.
3. Position your thumbs on the back middle of the device. Hook your fingertips along one long edge of the phone case. Push down with your thumbs while pulling up with your fingertips. Apply a small amount of pressure. The case will give way on the one side first and then is easy to remove fully.

Since all cases are printed and made-to-order, this item is not returnable / refundable. Please be sure to choose the correct size.