Big crochet needle - Bamboo Wood Crochet Hook US Size 15 or 11 (8 or 10mm)

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Big wood crochet hooks US 15 (10mm) or US 11 (8mm)

Deliciously smooth and silky bamboo crochet needle for your crocheting pleasure!

Bamboo is an ideal material for crochet needles because it is warm and smooth to the touch. It can absorb the sweat or natural oil from your hand thus prevents the hook from slipping from your hands while working and gives it a beautiful patina over time.

Bamboo crochet needles are slippery which causes the yarn to pass through the hook freely. The garments made by bamboo crochet hooks will be soft and static-free, and bamboo is safe and an environmently friendly renewable resource. The size of the bamboo crochet needles is engraved on each handle and there is a slight indentation on the handle on which to rest your thumb.

The hook is 6 inches (15cm) in length.
Price is for one crochet.

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