Use your fabric stash to sew up a patchwork dog

If you’re like me you lovingly collect your pieces of scrap fabrics… Its time to use up that stash with this sweet little project.
About two years ago my neighbour brought over some old quilting books. I discovered some fun projects including this patchwork dog. I simply adore these little dogs! This doggies is great, it can be used as stuffed toy or decorative pillow. 
For this project you’ll need 92 squares fo fabric, 30 for each side and 32 for the center row. I like to cut my pieces into 2.5 inch squares and use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. As long as you’re using square pieces you can change the size of your pieces to vary the size of your finished project.
Sew up your squares as indicated in the diagram below. Start from one side and work your way to the other side assembling the squares. When assembling the center row make sure you leave an opening to be able to turn your dog pillow right side out and stuff him.
I prefer to embroider the dog’s eyes before sewing up the center row to the main front and back, you could finish off the dog’s eyes after he’s fully stuffed as well.
I hope you enjoy making this project. Its the perfect gift for a child, a mom-to-be or for a nursery.
Please fee free to send me photos of your finished project, I’d also love to share them with my readers. 
Source:  mode et patchwork, Manu Presse, 1976 
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