Repurpose umbrellas and recycle the fabric
I had an umbrella that was in a very bad condition... Like most other umbrellas in my house. Too bad “one for life” umbrellas don't exist just yet. 
So, before throwing it away, I tought of recovering the material. Because umbrellas do often have really beautiful patterns.
It wasn’t too hard! The material is fastened with threads at several points. All I needed to do was to find those points and cut them.
Then, your umbrella should look like this.
After cutting the threads, you’ll be left with only the joint in the center, at the end of the umbrella shaft.
I found that it wasn't hard to unfasten the material from the center!
There you go! I washed the material, and now it is ready to be used for any fashion designs or similar projects. Any ideas?
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