Knit dish scrubbie tutorial
Here’s a super easy and useful knitting project to add to your to-do list ! How about making your own dish scrubbies using yarn and tulle ? After knitting Tawashis and dishcloths, this seems like the logical next step!
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A piece of thin nylon tulle (25 to 50 cm – 10 to 20 inches) which you will cut into strips measuring each approx. 4 cm – 1½ in wide. You could knot the strips together, but I found it worked better for me to machine-sew them together. Wind the strips in a ball.
  • Yarn. I used remnants of acrylic (wosted weight) but you could cotton yarn.. depending on your personal taste or stash.
  • 9 mm (US 13) knitting needles.
1. Cast on 15 stitches (once you’ve finished your first one, you can change that number to best suit your needs)
2. Holding nylon strips and yarn together, knit all stitches on every row until project is a square.   
    Knit dish scrubbie project 
    Note: For an extra abrasive scrubbie, you can wrap tulle strips around yarn as you knit.  Or for a less abrasive scrubbie, you could use thinner strips of tulle and smaller needles.
    3. Bind off all stitches.
    4. Break nylon strips and yarn, leaving a yarn tail. Weave in all ends.
    Once you have finished your first knit scrubbie, you can play with the number of stitches, type of yarn used, size of knitting needles used or width of tulle strips, so that it suits your own needs or style perfectly.
    For my second scrubbie, I cast on 9 stitches only, for a final size of 10 cm – 4 inches. 
    Knit dish scrubbie pattern
    I’ve been using both since, and they work wonderfully! Plus they are reusable and you can wash them whenever needed. I hope you’ll dig into your stash of yarn remnants and go shopping your favorite fabric store. I’m sure all your friends will ask for them !!
    Happy knitting!
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