How to knit with a salvaged lace curtain, or my idea of having fun with knitting and fabric…
This is a fun project, with infinite possibilities ! Today I’ll show you how I knit this scarf using a fabric curtain. Amazing result, yet made from discarded supplies!
You probably all know this type of curtain.. I inherited a large amount of such fabric a while ago, and had the idea to try knitting with it.  I had already knit with fabric but wanted to see what this kind of fabric would look like. 
To knit with fabric, you first need to cut it into regular strips (as pictured). The width of the strips depends on thickness of fabric: thinner fabric means potentially wider strips. I would suggest making strips about 1-2 cm wide (½ to ¾ in).
For this particular fabric, I made strips as wide as the lace motif were. I cut in between the solid lines, so as to get ladder-shaped strips.
Next, I simply try knitting those strips with large knitting needles: I used 15mm (US19) needles.
I chose how wide I wanted my scarf to be… Why a scarf? Simply because I didn’t want to deal with complicated math: it would be as long as I could knit on before running out of fabric strips! 
I worked in plain garter stitch. Knit with large needles, it produces the softest fabric, super squishy and comfy. I really like the final result!
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