Free dishcloth knitting pattern

Mdishcloths being a little worn and faded, I decided to knit a few more. And I found this pretty free pattern. 
I used an acrylic and cotton blend yarn to see whether the dishcloths would be less subject to distortion.  I actually shared a photo of the process  on instagram: 
I really like the stitch of this dishcloth pattern.  The knitting stitch is made of 4 rows. It is very easy to knit as it only uses the two basic stitches. 
As for the yarn I used, the fiber is 55% cotton, 45% acrylic and it does allow the dishcloth to keep its shape better once wet. However, it’s also less absorbent than the 100% cotton yarn.  I like that it dries quickly on my countertop, so there won’t be too many germs.   
I guess yarn containing more cotton fiber would be great… How about you ? Did you find the « perfect mix » for knitted discloths? 
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  • Rejeanne

    J’aimerais savoir que veux dire jfr merci

  • Chantal


  • tilmant

    avec trois ptites mailles j’ai réussi à réaliser des maniques faciles

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