Toy from the past: The Buzz Saw
This toy is super simple and can be made at home. I recall playing with something very similar when I was a little girl. Click here to learn more about this historical toy.
To make this toy, you would have to go all the way and do some carpentry work. Instead, I chose a variant that is easier to make. I found a giant knob (button) of 35 mm and a 100 – 150 cm length of string from my treasure chest, and here’s what I made:
There you go! Hours of fun with little to no work!
To watch the magic happen, spin the disc 30 to 40 times (see next picture) while holding both ends of the string. Now spin the disc while tautening the strings at both ends (next picture). By pulling on the string and loosening your grip immediately, you can spin the disc endlessly in one direction or the other.
After several failed attempts, I finally understood how to spin the disc for a really long time. It’s a little like yoyo: pull, relax, pull, relax. I’ll let you discover the trick! When you do, let me know in the comments! 
You can also watch this video to see it IRL.
NB: Careful! Long hair can get caught up in the swirling strings!
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