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Painting Halloween Pumpkins

We have a tradition in our blended family ; it’s a tradition that goes back seven years ago when I met a wonderful life companion.
He’s the one who introduced this tradition to the family. One day, he brought a superbly painted pumpkin for our very first Halloween together. We painted another one to celebrate our new little family.
Since then, instead of carving pumpkins out, we paint them.
I find this idea terrific; it does not damage pumpkins in any way whatsoever and we can eat the insides afterwards. So no waste! But most of all, I find this way of decorating pumpkins very creative and you can create an unlimited number of projects with pumpkins! We used acrylic paint for this project.
So here is our project for this year: 
First the kids sketched on paper what they wanted on their pumpkins.
Next, we divided the surface of a pumpkin in three parts, one for each child. I did not buy three separate pumpkins, because I insisted on cooking the flesh of the pumpkin. I despise wasting this wonderful fruit. 
For the youngest, Dad helped a lot. But the boy enjoyed seeing his drawing come to life on the pumpkin right in front of his eyes! 
As for my older 10-year old daughter, she did all the work herself! Wow!
A leaf, a candy and a pumpkin!
Then Dad enjoyed painting a special request for his son…. Talented, isn’t he???! 
I think that the project is not entirely completed…. There are a few black lines left to be drawn! Perfect! It will extend the fun…
We don’t only celebrate Halloween on October 31st; we celebrate during several weeks… And the best is when we can enjoy eating pumpkin seeds!!!
Enjoy your Halloween!
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