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Jewelry tutorial: making natural cord bracelets with wooden beads and buttons

Tuto bijoux: fabriquer des bracelets en corde naturelle avec des perles et des boutons de bois
Here is a truly eco-friendly tutorial! These unique bracelets are made using hemp cord and wooden accessories. You can easily change or adapt colours and sizes to your taste.
You will need the following items:

    I started by winding hemp cord seven times around a guide. I used a ruler, for a finished length of 6 ½ inches (16.5 cm). This length is perfect for a 6 inch-wide wrist (15.5 cm). 
    Then, I cut the wound cords and secured one end of all the fourteen cords.  I sew the cord ends together with my sewing machine to hold them tightly together while working. 
    I had to vapour press the cords slightly with an iron to straighten them and smooth out folds. Next, I slipped a selection of pearls and buttons onto them. For brown cord, I used coconut beads
    I did not make any knots. I wanted to let the pearls fall into place freely. Then, I sew the free end of the bracelet with my sewing machine  to finish assembly. 
    It’s time to insert the end of all the cords into an end fastener.  Repeat at the other end. 
    Then affix two rings on one end of the bracelet: one small and one large. 
    Do the same thing on the other end, but by inverting the rings and adding one clasp. 
    And there you go! You now have a nice bracelet only waiting to be matched with other bracelets of different colours! 
    I hope you will enjoy making these bracelets!
    For the green bracelet, I used flower buttons and nice painted buttons. For the mustard yellow bracelet, I used brown striped 12mm wooden beads. And for the brown bracelet, I used 9mm coconut beads.
    Do not hesitate to send me pictures of your completed projects! 
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