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Jewelery tutorial : Bracelet made with wood ring and Gros-grain ribbon


Here’s my project suggestion for today: a ribbon bracelet. This is so easy to make, yet the result is amazing!

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:
  • Approx. 30-40cm (12-15½ inches) of gros-grain ribbon (I used a vintage ribbon measuring 22 mm wide)
  • 1 ring in natural wood such as THIS ONE
  • ribbon clamps, measuring 22 mm in my case
  • jumprings measuring 5-6mm
  • 1 magnetic clasp
Start with measuring your wrist circumference. Mine measures 15 cm (6 in). I cut two lengths of gros-grain each measuring 15 cm (6 in). If you like tight bracelets (as I do), cut the ribbons 1 cm (½ inch) shorter.
Next, thread ribbons through rings as follows: 
Then next, attach the ribbon clamps. Now you only need to attach the magnetic clasp to the rings and attach those to the ribbon clamps. 
Voilà! You’re now the proud owner of a totally unique and super comfy bracelets. It’s also the perfect project to use all your ribbon remnants !
Here’s another version using pretty wooden buttons
Pretty right ? Here’s a project you can make again and again with pretty buttons and ribbons, with friends and kids!
Please feel free to share your pictures of the bracelets you’ll make. And have a great crafty week! 
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