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Funny diy yarn hair hat tutorial - easy halloween costume for kids

This hat is so much fun ! Perfect to dress up or just have fun. The woolen hair is simply sewn under a bucket hat. Smiles and good times guaranteed with this DIY project !
For this easy to sew project, you will only need remnants of yarn, ribbon or grosgrain ribbon and a bucket hat of your choice. Ideally, choose a cotton hat that’s not too thick and larger than the child’s head.
tuto perruque en laine
The trick is to cut strands of yarn that are long enough (measure the side of hat, add the desired length + 5 cm (2 in) and divide by 2), and sew them on a piece of grosgrain ribbon or strong ribbon. Make sure the ribbon is a little longer than circumference of hat.
faire un chapeau avec cheveux
Then attach ribbon to hat. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it with a sewing machine, you can hand sew it.
coudre un chapeau avec cheveux en laine
Otherwise, pin in place and sew near the edges. With a little experience, you can hardly see the seam !
You will probably need to give it a haircut so it fits your child, especially the front fringe.
And that’s it ! Now you can make one in every color ! We had so much fun with this project !
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