DIY Making Lego-shaped chocolate
If you’re anything like me, you will have tons of fun with those new molds! My son is a huge Lego fan, so he’s every so happy to eat Lego-shaped chocolate. Here are the simple steps for make your own chocolate shapes.
You will need chocolate chips.. and Lego-shaped molds: minifigures and bricks. It’s the first time I ever used silicon molds.
You can melt all the chocolate chips in a double boiler. I prefer to use the microwave oven, at 50% of the max power, et mix every minute. Then you need some patience: fill in the molds…
I use a small metal tea spoon for the smaller molds. This way, I get more control over the amount poured inside without brimming over. For the larger molds, I use my measuring cup with spout. It’s much quicker !
You need to shake lightly or tap under the molds to make sure the chocolate does fill in every corner and the back of the chocolate is smooth. Let it cool down.
When the chocolate is firm, just take it out of the molds. The big difference between plastic molds and silicon molds is how supple they are. I really appreciated that advantage. The molds can also be washed easily.
The silicon molds can also be used for many other things, such as: ice cubes, jello (fruit jelly), crayons, sweets, soaps, etc…
As you can imagine, I’ll be back soon with more projects… As I’m also a big fan of Lego bricks  
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