The button addict bundle deal


Only 20 kits available!

60% OFF

The variety in this collection ensures you’ll always have the perfect button available for your projects.
You’re getting high quality, for a fraction of the regular price

This bundle offers huge variety of colorful, unique resin buttons.
We’ve focused on quality and quantity with this bundle. These items are wildly popular, even at full price.

Here is what you will get:

35x blue and white stripped buttons 13mm
30x black and white stripped buttons 13mm
22x mixed plaid ghingham buttons 15mm
20x colorful mixed buttons 15mm
15x mixed dots buttons 18mm
15x pink heart buttons 15mm
10x red buttons 11mm
10x fushia buttons 10mm
8x mixed buttons 20mm
7x rainbow buttons 15mm
7x pink and lime candy buttons 13mm
5x red star buttons 15mm
3x big mixed buttons 38mm

A total of 188 buttons!
A value of $25usd

These buttons are great for all your sewing and crafting projects. Colors are beautiful and with your imagination the possibilities are limitless. Add these wonderful embellishments to clothing apparel, home decor projects, paper crafts and more. Perfect for jewelry, clothing, mixed media art, mosaics and more!

Grab the deal

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