Travel pocket tissue holder tutorial and free sewing pattern

Time to get all those much loves fabric scraps out. I have a fun little toturial for you, quick, easy and OH so cute!

These little pouches for facial tissue will help keep your purse organized and those extra tissues will stay clean and germ free. They’ll be so practicle to have in the car, backpack, suitcase, beach bag, diaper bag… I think you get the idea that you’ll pretty much need one everwhere you keep facial tissues.

So let’s get stated since now you know you’ll have a few to make.

Start by making yourself a template.

Your template or pattern piece should measure 18cm X 15cm. Cut 1 of fabric and be sure to mark you fabric at 9cm on the longest edge.

I used a thicker upholstry fabric for mine but you can use just about any type of fabric for this project.

Overcast raw edges with your serger or with a zigzag stitch on your regular machine.
Press one short edge 1cm towards the wrong side of the fabric to stitch the hem.

Repeat with the other short edge.
Next, fold hemmed edges towards the center so that the hemmed edges meet, with right sides together.

Stitch using a 1cm seam allowance. Remember to back stitch at the beginning, at the center where the two hemmed edges meet and at the end.
Turn right side out and you’re already done!

I really love mine in my purse; my tissues stay nice and clean…and I really think these little pouches are a fun gift idea.
Leave me a comment or ideas or even better, send me photos of your creations!

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