Making flowers with jeans – free pattern and DIY tutorial

Create beautiful flowers with jeans fabric with this new free DIY tutorial including templates to download. You can use them as hair accessories, make a brooch or necklace with them. Or embellish a purse, a beach bag or clutch ? Possibilities are endless !
Need more ideas to use those flowers ? How about scrapbooking, or handmade cards, a special finishing touch to the wrapping of a present. They could be glued or sewn as appliqués for your shoes, hat, jeans, sweaters…

I used reclycled jeans for this project. If you look around, you’re sure to find tons of used jeans !
The finished flower measures approximately 11,5 cm across (4 ½ in). But you can also easily adjust the size of the template to suit your needs: just adjust the parameters of your printer accordingly or resize it with a copy machine.

To start with, print and cut the 4 parts of the template. Download the template HERE. I like to copy the templates onto recycled paperboard: makes them more durable and easy to use for small pieces like those flowers.

Cut two large flowers in the fabric, and one of each of the other flowers. You have 5 pieces total. Then with your sewing machine sew a straight stitch along all edges of the flowers, approximately 5 mm in from edge. This step is optional but it will prevent the fabric from fraying.

You’ll notice I used several different colors of denim fabric. This will help give a 3D feeling to the flower. Then place the pieces on top of each other, from smaller to larger piece. Make sure the petals are not sitting on top of each other, but spread out in between each other. This will help making it look more natural.

Once you are happy with the result, sew 3-4 stitches through all layers in the center of flower with your sewing machine (or by hand).
Now all is left to do is to embellish the flower. You could use a button, or beads.. or anything really depending on your mood or what you have laying around.  I used this button.

I hope you’ll like this ! Feel free to share pictures of the denim flowers you make, I love to see them. 🙂

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