DIY Tutorial: Making Paper or Cardboard Flowers

Here are lovely flowers that you can make yourself in paper or cardboard for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, etc. They are so easy to make that I don’t understand why I’ve never made some before! Have fun with the kids making these flowers in every size and colour!!

Start by cutting cardboard or paper squares… A perfect way to recycle!! 😉


In this example, I cut out 4″ (10 cm) squares.


I drew a nice spiral on each square, leaving about 1 cm to 1.5 cm of space between the lines.


Next, I cut along the spiral line.


Then I rolled up the cut-up paper tightly, starting with the outermost end. The picture below shows the flower bud I obtained when the spiral was entirely rolled up:


The last thing to do was to release pressure and… TADA!!!


I hope you will enjoy hours of fun with this DIY project!! Please don’t hesitate to share your own ideas on this project with me… And let me know if I was not the only one to ignore this technique; I will feel less silly!!… LOL!

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