Best Resources for the Beginning Jewelry Maker

Jewelry can be quite pricey, but many folks are beating the system by learning to craft their own handmade accessories. The thought may be a bit daunting at first. But, there are some excellent online resources for beginner crafters. These can help guide them through the process from beginning to end. Some of the best jewelry making guides are as follows.

Choose from a Variety of Options

This awesome Buzzfeed article has something for everyone. Granted, some are on a more difficult level than a beginner, but many are quite simple. There are 46 different styles of homemade jewelry including:
  • Tassel bracelets
  • Beaded necklaces
  • Leather collar necklaces
  • Glitter rings
  • Neon cuff bracelets



Not only does it give an excellent place to see the sheer scope of homemade jewelry making, it also provides different options for crafters as they become more proficient. Also, there are many repurposing ideas so that previously owned accessories can be revamped at a low cost rather than completely replaced.

Making Beaded Jewelry from Scratch
One of the most popular types of jewelry making, and a great one to begin experimenting with, is beaded jewelry. Check out this awesome How To website that is dedicated specifically to the art of handcrafting beaded jewelry of all kinds.
They offer tutorials on both wire and jewelry techniques in a simple fashion. Make everything from earrings to necklaces to cell phone charms using this website’s insightful directions.
Keep It Simple
If the above websites are a little overwhelming, there is no need to panic! This wikiHow article is perfect for the person who likes to take new adventures one small step at the time.
This particular piece is great for the beginner because it gives a very specific and simple materials list. Also, it breaks down small projects that are perfect for the person who is just beginning to test the waters of jewelry making.
If you want to learn how to make your own jewelry, the three resources above are great for getting started. Not only is jewelry making fun, it can also save the savvy crafter a ton of cash in the long haul.
Certainly, attempting to handcraft jewelry that is useful, durable, and attractive may seem like a huge task to undertake, but it is completely possible. Many folks who began this craft as a hobby now sell their wares and earn a tidy profit. However, you must begin somewhere simple, and the above resources are just the places to help you get started.
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