Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

A simple DIY project: It’s so pretty and practical that you won’t be able to do without it to organize your favourite jewelry!!!

You will need some fine metallic mesh screen (purchased at the hardware store), scissors, a stapler and a picture frame (without the glass). I found mine at a waste recovery centre, but you can use any old frame lying around or ask your relatives, they might have one in their attic somewhere…


Before starting the project, you can customize your frame as you see fit by painting it or using any other technique. I was lucky enough to find a natural wood frame, which was a perfect addition to my shop decoration.


Make sure you choose a thick enough frame so that the staples do not punch straight through when you fasten the screen.


Trim the screen slightly larger than the frame. Watch your fingers! The mesh is prickly!!!

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

Then fold one of the long edges along the notch inside the frame.

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

When the screen is perfectly lined up with the inside of your frame, it’s time to staple it! Try to staple it as close to one of the corners as possible, and make sure that the staple doesn’t come out on the other side.


Repeat the same steps on the opposite edge, and make sure the screen is nice and tight. Then, only the short edges will be left to fasten. Make sure you fold the corners neatly.

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

Depending on the stiffness of your screen, adjust the number of staples to make sure it stays taut. I personally stapled at 1- to 2-inch intervals (2.5 cm to 5 cm) depending on the size of the frame I used.

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial
Then trim the extra mesh around the edges.

If your frame already has a hook on the back, you’re done! You can start hanging your earrings on the screen right away!!!

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

Otherwise, I have two suggestions for hanging your frame. You can either fasten a decorative ribbon, rope or other cord like this:


Make sure you determine how long a cord you need before fastening by simulating the end result.


Or you can simply salvage or purchase hardware to add a hook to your frame:

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

There! Now there is no longer need to constantly go digging for earrings in the bottom of your jewelry box or drawer… And this project also makes great displays for my shop, which is why I made a few extras!

Earring Display or Storage DIY Tutorial

Feel free to leave comments or ideas below.

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